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 f & b photography 

prints, art, wearables

Photographing food sends me into childlike tizzy. As I get into the mode, I relax into a sort of hyperfocused zen state; Some would say, I'm obsessive about this craft. There is barely a plate or recipe I create, cook and style without a photograph in mind. And truthfully, cooking from the heart while integrating each of the principles of "Eating & Living it Real" only add to colourful ingredients, layered textures and flavours, proper seasoning and then, salivating visuals.

We eat with our eyes first. Personalized orders shipped directly to you with many options available.                                                      

commercial & editorial photography:

Long ago, I was hired as Project Manager for a quick service franchisor and invited to a food photography shoot. Riveted; each of the elements intrigued me-the styling, our crispy chicken as the golden-haloed hero, the photographer's angle and the studio lighting.

As my career unfolded, I've mentored 97+ Canadian innovative food & beverage brands (that's about 780 skus) And so, there have been plenty of opportunities to be a part of branded food & beverage photography and styling. And, since graduating from Food & Media at GBC. If you find yourself salivating,  just ask.

$ Rates Vary. Camera: Pentax K5

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