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nutritional therapy

Registered Nutritional Therapist:


​If you've made a decision to upgrade your health and wellness, I'd be delighted to provide a consultation. Together, we set you up to accomplish your goals considering all aspects which best suit you.  Perhaps you've have decided it's time to achieve an improved body composition. You've decided no time as the present to alleviate symptoms of stress while increasing your energy. Alternatively, You may need my solution-based expertise to achieve the reversal of symptoms of a medically pre-diagnosed disease or condition.


I deliver expertise in developing your own bespoke nutritional and lifestyle analysis alongside long term solutions; all the tools to complete a personalized plan for revitalized health; living without dis-ease.

I am here to walk alongside you supporting your actions, offering tools to integrate all the new choices and reach your goals.

Sport Nutrition Coaching:

Often my clients fall into a few camps; aspiring or elite adult athletes & the healthy gourmet set.  I've had the honour of working with triathletes, marathoners, a swimmer, devoted yogis, a few dedicated personal trainers, awesome home-kitchen and professional cooks plus my own rowing crews.


I coach upon simple, quick-to-prepare, easy-to-pack, nutritionally-dense foods. Proper hydration and electrolyte rebalancing is always considered. My Sport Nutrition Coaching (CSNC) expertise utilizes my own former competitive-athlete experiences to formulate a winning action plan for both training and upgraded energized living.


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