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Reay Hutchinson was a fantastic help. She took the time to understand my lifestyle, health goals and concerns. In addition to creating a customized plan, she explained the details of each recommendation, providing insights into the supporting nutritional science, allowing me to learn, and adopt the changes I needed to make. Reay went above and beyond my expectations, providing support every step of the way and changing things up, to meet my needs, working with where I was at to help make small wins into big gains. Thank you Reay.

Amy Wilson- Dir. Ops.

Hope Place Centres

"@WellnesStudio has been instrumental in implementing me in the ketogenic lifestyle. Professional, Fun, Supportive and Friendly. Check her out. Thanks Reay."


"I love your support Reay! Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me" (Client dropped 20 pounds so through eating and lifestyle changes including sugar elimination, carbohydrate reduction, non-starchy vegetable increase)


Bob M.- Grocery Tour,

Culinary Nutrition Client

"The grocery tour was excellent. Your knowledge and the information you provided is exactly what I was hoping to changing some old habits. Thanks for your time and your knowledge. I'm not only excited about this change but also committed to it."

"Reay utilized her educational background and expertise in health and Wellness, offering our service recipients the ability to eat healthy, balanced meals. Reay had remarkable skill in developing menu plans across both live-in facilities and would put extra effort in accommodating the dietary needs of our clients. Reay has impeccable culinary skills, which are evident throughout her time with us.

I wholeheartedly believe (in) Reay's exceptional work ethic, passion and dedication." Halton & Milton

Katie Wilson (National Coordinator of Health Promotion) at Homewood Human Solutions

"(Reay)Hutchinson is a smart, engaging and knowledgeable trainer and facilitator. She has provided wellness sessions for our clients in a variety of employment sectors and she tailors her presentation style to meet her audience's needs. (She) delivers her material with much excellence and flair and her passion for inspiring others shines through." Client Sectors-health care, engineering, post secondary staff & faculty, school boards, consumer packaged goods

Kathy & John - Nutrition Clients

"The guidance and tips you offered Kathy continue to be very helpful to both of us, to this day. Thank you!"


"I was struggling with getting back on track with my nutrition, so I  contacted (Reay) knowing that she could give me the kick start I needed to do so.....she provided me with the simple tools I needed in order to achieve the goals I set for myself.....she is always available to give me the advice I need when it comes to an area of my life in which I struggle at times, NUTRITION !

"(Reay's) wealth of knowledge and background in various areas provides her clients with a well-rounded approach to health. Her commitment to working with her clients and her genuine interest is evident!"

Squamish BC

Ivy T - Culinary Nutrition Client

"It was fun sampling those 'healthy' goodies! And definitely brought awareness to mind about the need for routine healthy eating as a lifestyle". Downsview ON

"Your nutrition and wellness advice arrived at the perfect moment in my life...gave me the kick start I needed, the path to start my wellness journey on. So.. I cut back my calories and rebalanced what I eat and I've lost 10 pounds! Plus I feel better, I have more energy, my hair has gotten shiny again -(Reay) your nutritional guidance and wellness efforts have helped enormously! I have the papers pinned up on my bulletin board and re-read it occasionally, just to re-motivate me and keep myself going."

        Australia & White Rock BC

Craig H. Sport Nutrition Client

"After a week of recording my weekly food intake, (Reay)provided a detailed analysis of my nutritional positives and negatives. And I thought I couldn't eat any healthier! From Fat, Carbs, Protein, Calories and then 30 other things I hadn't considered. I was given my daily averages and then a new set of nutrient goals. Excellent, useful and a life changer for those who want more from what they eat and from their lives." Toronto

"I am a triathlete and have played many sports. (Reay's) knowledge of sports plus nutritional background was particularly helpful to someone like myself.  Mississauga

J.H. - Male Sport Nutrition Client

David "Buff" Driver- Nutritional "Project'

Ken Feakins - Sport Nutrition Client

Owner : Ken Feakins Personal Training

Sonia W- Culinary Nutrition client with pre-medically diagnosed condition

Tonya Evans - Fuzion Fitness Owner|Trainer 

Nutrition Client

Terry Reid - Nutrition Client

Jennifer Sale - Nutrition Client with medically diagnosed condition

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